Angelica Urbas shows how to dress up in a Business Dinner

Deciding what to wear during business dinner sometimes become too difficult. In these parties you cannot wear just what suits you. Rather, considering environment and culture of your office is also important to dress up properly in these parties. If you are too confused to decide what to wear in the upcoming business dinner, know the following tips suggested by Angelica Urbas.

Do not deviate much from regular office wears: 

In most of the cases, you have to attend the business party direct from office. So, you might not get much scope to give yourself a new look before going to the party. However, you can think to bring little changes in your regular office wears. Along with the formal suits, you can bring a pair of stylish shoes or a blazer. On the day of dinner, these will make great differences. If you do not want to wear suit at dinner, go for the sheath or wrap dresses of dark shades and use wide belts with these. These dresses also go well with the environment of business dinners.

Use bold jewelries:

If your office culture is too conservative, you should avoid any experiment with your attire. Instead, you can try to alter your regular jewelries. On the day of dinner, Angelica Urbas suggests to replace the regular pearl jewelries with bolder ones. For example, at dinner, you can wear the fashionable chunky necklace instead of simple pearl pieces.

Not only in formal business dinners, you should dress properly in casual office picnics too. On these days, try knee-length comfortable dresses along with proper shoes and accessories. Even in these days also, you should not wear something provocative or experimental which can affect your impression at the workplace. Apart from dresses, you require staying conscious about the make-ups too. As per Angelica Urbas, you will look perfect in formal parties with light make-up only.

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