How to stay stylish in whole day Picnics

4 tips from Angelica Urbas to stay stylish in whole day picnics

The picnics are a great occasion where you can have fun most comfortably with your family and friends outdoors. However, even if you are going to a whole day picnic with your closest ones, it is not necessary that you will not pay attention to your look and style. Here Angelica Urbas suggested few ways to attend family picnics with style.

Choose comfortable but stylish dresses: In the picnic, you will be indulged in lots of activities throughout the day. So, you need to wear something which is really comfortable. The Cotton dresses with beautiful prints can be ideal for this day. You can team it up with comfortable bottom-wares such as Capri. The long maxi dresses or modern layered dresses can also be great options for you in the picnic. However, you should consider some other facts too while selecting dress for the very special day. Keep in mind, the location of picnic and distance you need to travel for choosing the dress.

Do not forget to take care of skin: Surely on the day of picnic, you will spend long hours in the sun. So, Angelica Urbas suggests that you should not forget to apply a sunscreen with decent SPF. You can use light make-ups too. The long lasting eyeliners and lipsticks will be enough for the day.

Accessories are must: On the day of picnic, use light weight colorful accessories to stand out from others. You will carry sunglasses and hats with you. You can carry a fancy picnic basket or fun-bags also with you. If you are fond of jewellery, choose the pieces with multicolored beads for the great occasion

Just like dress and accessories, selection of proper footwear is also important. Obviously you can choose a stylish one but Angelica Urbas suggests to put more importance on comfort while selecting footwear for the day of picnic.

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